If you had asked all of us a month ago,  "Would Afterglow be playing together again?", the answer would have been "Pshhhhhttt - doubt it..."  Someone had a birthday party, and requested that we all get together and play. We did. Now there are seven of us. It is one of the  most remarkable feelings, when you've been given a gift of togetherness and reunion.  Simply, we all pretty much feel that way. Plans are to keep rehearsing, and get the old songs back in top shape, while writing new things, picking up old things we started to write, and never finished, and getting the music out there to you. Amazingly,  we have been offered gigs, and other opportunities (that didn't exist 10 years ago), and pretty much, everything just feels very right, and very good. We can't fully explain it, but we should be putting that vibe into a song, pretty soon...
7/13/2012 12:09:59 am

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